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What is Submaximal Training?

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When you’re working out, you are usually trying to reach some sort of goal, whether described thoroughly or just an idea in your head. The real question is how you get there. There are many ways of training, and many trainers preach their truth about fitness and nutrition.

Submaximal training is a kind of training that some people swear to in periods, and some people won’t touch it. Either way, it’s always a good idea to know your options within training. Learn all about submaximal training here:

What is Submaximal Training?

Submaximal training is when you don’t train until failure but stay within the range between 75 – 90 % of your one rep maximum. If you have to do Submaximal training properly, you have to do heavy loads, but don’t do all the reps you’re capable of. You should at least have 1 or 2 reps left in you when you finish the set.

Submaximal training is in sharp contrast to the recent development within training and fitness, where more and more are training until failure or doing maximal loads.

Submaximal training can be a great way to do some kind of deload period, where you give your muscles a chance to recover properly. But if you’re all in on muscle growth and strength increase, many professional trainers won’t recommend submaximal training.

Lasse Stokholm

Lasse Stokholm

Lasse is the CEO & Co-Founder of Zenfit. He used to be an online coach for 8 years while building Zenfit.

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