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How to Make a Fitness App Without Coding

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As a personal trainer, you want to offer your clients the best service and experience. But, with more and more people getting used to the convenience and service that other industries offer through technology, texts, papers, and pdfs, it just won’t cut it anymore if you want to provide a service that is both professional and convenient.

Therefore, many personal trainers are currently looking for ways to digitalize their business and services, including the diet and fitness part. The client needs to have some sort of written illustration of their fitness routine and meal plan.

Many personal trainers, online coaches, dietitians, etc., are at the same time looking for a way to make the manual and tedious part of their work more smooth and effective through technology. For example, who wants to spend hour after hour creating workout routines and meal plans when there is an algorithm that can do the job in 5 or 10 minutes?

It’s fair to say that getting some kind of fitness app for yourself and your clients is a MUST for all personal trainers, at least if you want to be competitive in the long term.

Unfortunately, not many people know how to code, and even fewer people know how to code at the level it takes to create a well-functioning and valuable fitness app. This leads us to the question you are all here to hear the answer to:

How do you make a fitness app without coding?

Now, it’s time to get real. How do you make a fitness app without coding? The brutal and honest answer is that you don’t. Sure, there is an endless amount of templates out there telling you that if you just spend an hour or so, you will have the app of your dreams, regardless of the technical and functional requirements you may have.

As someone who has created and built software for fitness and personal trainers, we can tell you one thing. It’s a huge challenge, even with a team of highly skilled engineers that have spent the last several years making the software and app competitive, intuitive and functional.

Unless you’re a top-notch coder with deep pockets and nothing to do in the world but this, we suggest that you simply use what is already out there on the market and personalize it as much as you can. It will most likely give you and your clients a much better app and only cost a fraction of what building an app costs.

To give a quick example, you can try the Zenfit app for 14 days free of charge, where you’ll find all the necessary features to build and scale your coaching business. On top of that, you can personalize the app, so it looks and feels like your very own. If you want to know more about our amazing app, that you can make YOUR amazing app, read the last paragraph.

Whether you decide to make your own app or will look for other providers that do the job for you, here are some key features that are a big MUST-HAVE for all apps for personal trainers.

Five features a fitness app for PTs must have

An app is only as good as its features. So when you’re on the market for finding software to grow and optimize your personal trainer business, or you’re still trying to make your very own from scratch, here are five features we at Zenfit highly recommend that the software should have.

Meal planner

It’s hardly a surprise that a professional meal planner is essential for all personal trainers. All clients will need a meal plan, which makes it your job to do countless meal plans. Not only is this a highly time-consuming job, but it’s also not the most exciting aspect of being a personal trainer. With a meal planner, you should expect to save 85% of the time you used to spend. At least, that’s what you’ll save with the Zenfit meal planner.

Workout builder

You, of course, also need a workout builder, so you don’t have to do every workout plan for every client with a pen and paper, excel, word, or whatever you usually do. But, creating a workout builder that can make a workout plan for all types of clients is very tricky. Not only do you need hundreds of exercises, but you also need to consider if the client wants to train at home, outdoors, or at a gym. On top of that, the client will also need video illustrations on how actually to do the exercises.

At Zenfit’s workout builder, you’ll find +600 videos of exercises and the option to make your own. Just saying.


As a personal trainer, who coaches several different clients at any given point, you’re going to have a lot of different tasks to do. Remembering all of them and getting your workday organized can be a huge job in itself. That’s why you should always choose software that makes your job easier and more effective and helps you get all your tasks done.

Automatic payment

You should never miss a payment just because you don’t have time to watch your bank account all the time. So a good software and app for personal trainers should not only make it super smooth for all clients to pay every month safely, but it should also alert you if the payment isn’t fulfilled.


Last but not least, you’ll need to build integrations with other platforms. This could be a MyFitnessPal integration, where your client can transfer their MFP data to your trainer platform, so you can always keep track of the client’s meals and general dieting.

Get your very own app with Zenfit

If you have realized that making an app without coding is going to be a very tough job, you should, of course, know that there are several better and much cheaper options. For example, if you just use the Zenfits personal trainer app and software, you will get everything you need as a personal trainer for less than 3€ per client. In the app, your clients will receive all their communication, workout plans, meal plans, the most popular payment options, tracking of their progress, and much more. Our software will help you with all the key features described before, along with everything else you need to scale and grow your business while keeping your clients happy.

Lasse Stokholm

Lasse Stokholm

Lasse is the CEO & Co-Founder of Zenfit. He used to be an online coach for 8 years while building Zenfit.

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