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How do personal trainers maximize profits?

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Picture this: You got all the necessary training and education, a solid portfolio of clients, and your social media is performing and creating leads. All in all, you’re doing pretty well as a personal trainer. So what’s the problem?

Well, there might not be one. If you’re efficient, productive, and got it all figured out, combined with reasonable prices, you shouldn’t have any problem with your profits. But, many personal trainers struggle with maximizing their profits simply because they don’t know how.

In this post, we will give you eight tips on how you maximize your profits as a trainer. If you follow them, you should be able to make a lot more money without having to increase your workload significantly or sign on a huge number of new clients. Instead, these tips focus on how you can create more revenue and profit without having to drown yourself in the workload.

8 Tips to make more profit as a personal trainer

Are you ready to maximize the profits in your PT business? Then you need to read these 8 tips.

1. Stand out from the competition

First of all, you can pick a niche within personal training that sets you apart from the competition. Being a recognized expert within a specific niche will not only make the client choose you over the competition, but it will also mean you have to spend less time and money to get the clients.

Besides that, the niche expert role will also allow you to charge more for your services since you’re selling a premium product within a specific field.

2. You’re worth it

Setting the right price is always tricky. Setting a price that is too low comes with several negative consequences. Not only will you not make the profit you could have, but you also risk branding yourself as “cheap.” And to make it clear, being the cheap one is not necessarily a good thing within personal training because it might make the clients wonder if you’re any good.

On the other hand, setting a very high price can also be problematic, especially if you can’t deliver a premium service. High prices can also scare away customers, especially if the prices are significantly higher than your competitors.

When you calculate the price for your services, you should always consider your expenses, how much revenue you want per client, how much profit you want per client and how much time you spend on each service. When you have all this figured out, you should, of course, also take a look at what your competitors are charging and then calculate how much you want to charge.

Tip: You should always aim to deliver a little more than your clients expect to receive. Your price has a huge impact on what your clients will expect from you.

3. Reduce time on manual labor

As a personal trainer, you’re gonna do some “manual” labor like making meal plans, workout plans, etc. Not only do you need to do this every time you sign a new client, but you also need to do it several times for each client as they “outgrow” their current meal plan and workout plan. This can be very time-consuming when you do it manually.

Therefore you should use software to help you reduce the time spent on the plan significantly, as you can do with the Zenfit workout planner and meal planner, where you can make professional and personalized plans within minutes.

4. Upsell with package deals

It’s often easier to sell more or several of your services if you assemble them in the form of a package deal. For example, you can give a small discount if the client retains them for a longer period of time or if they buy some of your extra services. This point is all about being creative and finding a way to sell more of a product or to offer several of your services to the same client.

5. Hold on to your customers

Getting new clients can both be costly and time-consuming. Therefore it’s always a good idea to hold on to your clients for as long as possible. When you do that, the lifetime value of each and every client will increase, which makes every customer more profitable.

6. Create passive income

As a personal trainer, you should explore all possibilities you have for making income, especially the types of income that are being generated while you sleep. This type of income I called passive income and can be generated from multiple sources, such as affiliate links to partners, referrals to other businesses, dropshipping merchandise, etc.

7. Create a brand

The most successful personal trainers are not only trainers. They’re a brand. If you come to a point where you attract clients just because of your name, you’re in a very favorable position. You will have the opportunity to charge higher prices, hire staff to do tasks for you, have several income streams, and get new clients with ease. The only problem is that it takes a lot of time, skill, charisma, and hard work to become a brand. But nowadays, social media will take you very far if you know how to use it.

8. Offer digital products

As a personal trainer, there are a lot of ways to generate revenue, and it doesn’t have to be directly related to your primary business as a personal trainer. You can also create and sell exclusive training material, courses, e-books, merchandise, and much more. If you have a well-known brand and name within the industry, you have a lot of possibilities when it comes to extra income streams.

Lasse Stokholm

Lasse Stokholm

Lasse is the CEO & Co-Founder of Zenfit. He used to be an online coach for 8 years while building Zenfit.

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