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organize pt business

How do I organize my personal training business? 9 tips

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Working with personal training is no walk in the park. Many people believe that it’s all about creating meal plans, motivating clients, and showing up for online sessions. However, working as a PT requires a high level of organization skills. Working together with many clients at a time comes with even more tasks that go beyond just working with clients. You also have to keep track of everything around the business and every aspect of the client’s journey, progress, needs, and communication.

So how do you do this without having to work 24-7 and burn out within three months? This post will give you a detailed overview of what you need to organize as a PT and, most importantly, how you do it.

1. Organize meal plans

Creating meal plans is a key aspect of working as a personal trainer. After all, your client will never see results if their diet is not on point. Not only do you have to make a meal plan several times for a client during their journey, but you also need to keep track of their preferences, allergies, goal calorie consumption, etc.

Creating meal plans manually is not only a very time-consuming task but also requires a great deal of creativity and research if you want to fill up the meal plan with interesting and new recipes, month after month.

So, it’s pretty obvious that every aspect of meal plans is something you need to organize and create a streamlined process for. But how? The best way is to use technology. For example, you can use Zenfit. We’ll provide you with an intelligent meal planner that allows you to create personalized meal plans with a few minutes of work. Our algorithm will generate the meal plans based on your client’s preferences, allergies, etc.

You may think that an algorithm can’t do what you do regarding meal plans. To which we answer: Can you name 40.000 recipes and 11 macro splits? The algorithm can, and you can quickly edit the meal plans if you want to give it an extra touch of personality.

workout planning

2. Workout & training

Being a personal trainer comes with a lot of workout and training planning. But how do you keep track of the plans you have already made, along with the process your clients are making in the gym?

Doing it manually is not only inconvenient for both you and your clients, but it’s also very time-consuming. So why not let PT software assist you in making workout plans, keep track of the client’s progress, and provide you with data from every workout?

3. Streamline payments

Keeping track of payments is another thing where streamlining and organizing are crucial. When you deal with many clients, who may pay different amounts each month, it’s very easy to lose your overview and potentially miss payments.

So how do you organize client payments without spending too much time checking every payment? Once again, software for PTs is your savior. If you choose Zenfit, you can automate all your payments and charge directly from your clients’ credit cards. And the best thing? We’ll notify you if one of your clients’ credit cards hasn’t processed the payment.

This is easier for you and the client, who doesn’t have to deal with bank transfers.

4. Smooth Client Communication

Communication with clients may be the thing personal trainers find the hardest to organize. But why? Because many PTs find themself communicating through several channels at once, including DM on Instagram, Facebook messenger, text, WhatsApp, and phone calls. This is both confusing, stressful, and impossible to keep organized.

The solution? Gather all communication on one platform that allows you to communicate through text, video, and audio. The Zenfit app will find the best chat function that organizes all your conversations with clients. You never have to search for a conversation again and never have to guess what the last discussion was about.

Another pro of the Zenfit chat function is that your client doesn’t have to worry about where and when she can get in touch with you.

client data work

5. Track and Store Client data

As a personal trainer, you have to work with a lot of data. This includes personal data such as name, age, gender, weight, phone number, mail, etc. This is just the basic personal data of your clients; you’ll also need to keep track of a massive amount of progress data that will only get harder and harder to organize.

So how do you organize this? You could use Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, but you’ll quickly realize that this isn’t a scalable solution. Instead, you should let software for PTs do this. Not only will it be infinitely easier and safer, but you’ll also be able to share it with your clients and detect patterns in the data. Managing client data might be the thing you will find the hardest to organize on your own, so why even bother trying yourself?

6. Progress tracking

When it comes to online coaching and PT, your clients’ progress is one of the most important things to keep track of. Progress tracking is crucial and includes different forms of progress such as weight, calories, training performance, etc.

It’s not enough to simply state the client’s current status; you need to keep the client’s data over a long period to analyze the progress and see what you have accomplished.

All this progress means that you’ll need to organize and keep track of large amounts of data, which is a challenge for most people unless you use software for PTs, of course, which will do it all for you and analyze the data.

personal trainer working

7. Overview of tasks

Organizing your PT business also means organizing your own schedule and workday. As an independent business owner, you are typically the business engine, meaning your time is valuable and should be spent accordingly.

Having much to do in too little time can be both paralyzing and frustrating, especially if you cannot identify which tasks you should prioritize. Luckily, our PT software can help you with that. The software will give you a complete overview of your clients, which makes it 10x easier to identify what you should spend your time on and which clients need some more attention.

8. Phone & mail

As a PT and an independent business owner, you will communicate A LOT with clients, business partners, etc. So how do you separate your personal life from your business? One of the easiest ways to create clear boundaries between business and pleasure is having a separate phone and email for your business and only using your personal phone for your private life.

Not only does this help you organize your work life, but you’ll also have the opportunity to put away your company phone whenever you need a breather and some undisturbed free time.

9. Prioritize yourself

Our last piece of advice on organizing your personal training business is to prioritize yourself! When you plan out your week and workload, you should always prioritize some time for yourself, where you’ll be able to clear your head and get a well-deserved break. It’s essential to take some days off once in a while, or else you’ll probably burn out at some point.

Lasse Stokholm

Lasse Stokholm

Lasse is the CEO & Co-Founder of Zenfit. He used to be an online coach for 8 years while building Zenfit.

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