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How can I grow my personal training business?

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When you have a business, you want to see it grow. The same thing goes for a personal trainer business, where you may want to increase your revenue and profit and maybe even get to a point where you can hire people to help you manage your business.

But how do you grow a personal training business? You obviously need to get more clients if you want more revenue. You can also offer more services, but either way, there is no way around getting more clients if you want substantial growth in your PT business.

So how do you get more clients? There are many things you can do!

8 ways to grow your PT business

Even though you can grow your PT business in a lot more ways, we’ve tried to minimize our tips to 9, so you only get the very best and most effective ways of doing it. Remember, you don’t have to do all of these things to make your PT business grow. You can always just start with one or two of them and then proceed when you’ve started growing.

1. Personal branding

In personal training, your personal brand and your business are closely connected. Your personal brand is the face of your business, and when more and more people get to know you, they also get familiar with your business.

So how do you start working with personal branding? One of the best and most effective ways of doing it within the PT business is through social media, including Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

If you haven’t already created profiles there, you should start with that. Afterward, you need to start posting good and meaningful content regularly. Focus on showing off your skills, knowledge, and successful cases. Don’t focus on selling your services but on providing value to your followers.

For example, you can share tips and tricks, recipes, workout tips, etc. All the potential clients will realize just how good you are if you just keep showing them without trying to push a deal down their throat.

You can also do some PR on your business, participate in podcasts, write guest articles, etc.

2. Training blog & content

Another way is to create a blog on your website. Here you can create a blog post where you give free learnings away. For example, you can write a blog about how you build more muscle, how to lose weight, etc.

Not only will it be valuable to your visitors, but you can also use the content in other marketing activities on your social media and get organic traffic from Google.

Blogging and creating good content that your potential clients can actually benefit from can be a huge game changer for your personal training business. Remember to let your personality and training philosophy shine through, so the readers can get a sense of your personality and how you work.

3. E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your business to existing and potential clients, both in terms of cost and time. Through e-mail marketing, you can offer additional products to your current clients. You can also start gathering e-mail permissions from potential clients through your website, where you can create a funnel. These should not only be hard-selling e-mails but also e-mails with value for the potential client.

You can learn a lot about how to do e-mail marketing by researching on the internet, and there are several great tools to help you get started.

4. Paid marketing

Paid marketing, including Google ads and Paid social, might be the thing that can grow your business the most. The only challenge is that it can be challenging to set it up if you don’t have any prior experience with it, and it will also require you to invest some money in the spending. But, if you manage to do it right, it can be a true game changer.

You can always reach out to professionals to help you set up paid marketing, and you can also try to learn it yourself. It’s not rocket science; it just takes some effort and willingness to learn.

5. Referrals made easy

Many personal trainers actually get quite a lot of their clients through referrals and word-of-mouth. Referral and word-of-mouth are great, as it has zero cost and doesn’t take up any of your time. Therefore, you should do your very best to optimize this process to get as many leads as possible. But how?

One of the best ways to optimize this I to simply give your clients something they can pass on when they refer you to someone. It could be a link, a business card, a document, or something like that. The key thing is that the referral goes beyond “You should check out my PT. He/she is great.”


6. Offer more products

So far, every trip has been centered around getting more clients, but obviously, there are other ways to grow your business. The most common one is simply to offer more services or products. For example, many personal trainers start out by offering personal training but will, later on, create other products, including supplements, books, video courses, group training, lectures, etc.

Offering more products will generate more revenue and give you a bigger market, which gives you a unique possibility to promote all your products to clients who only bought one product.

7. Partnerships

There is nothing like helping each other. Partnering up with other health and fitness businesses can be a quite effective way to get more clients. These could be gyms, yoga studios, physiotherapists, dietitians, etc. If you team up with others, they can refer their clients to you if they are in need of your services. The same thing goes the other way. Use your network to locate businesses you find suitable to team up with.

8. Participate in competitions

Nothing can make a business boom like an impressive achievement. If you’re already training a lot, you should consider if there are any competitions you can enter. If you find suitable competitions, winning (or just doing well) will give you publicity and recognition from a large number of relevant people. You can also use this in your marketing to build trust toward potential clients.

Lasse Stokholm

Lasse Stokholm

Lasse is the CEO & Co-Founder of Zenfit. He used to be an online coach for 8 years while building Zenfit.

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